Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the prerequisites for programming training?
A: The programming training classes cover the specifics of the robot programming language and how it applies to various applications. It does not cover general programming. A working knowledge of standard programming techniques is required. This can be from a formal computer science course in college or from informal experience on the job or even as a hobby.

Q: What are the prerequisites for maintenance training?
A: Students should have a background in basic industrial maintenance including both electrical and mechanical knowledge.

Q: How are your training classes designed?
A: We do not think our role is to lecture on general robotics theory, but to provide specific work methods based on Stäubli's experiences, so that by the end of the class, students will have practical hands on experience.

Q: Who should be trained?
A: Companies tend to train key personnel who work with the robot on a daily basis first. However, note that the best guarantee of a robot's longevity is knowing how to operate and program it properly. We also recommend that all persons involved in the design and programming of a robotized cell, as well as the most experienced robotic technicians, explore all the possibilities of our robots, the programming language, and Stäubli software with us. With regards to maintenance personnel, our training ensures fast and effective interventions on the robotized cell. Finally, training also contributes to personal safety, an essential topic of Stäubli training courses.

Q: How is training profitable?
A: With regards to productivity, the return on investment is very fast: better robot programming and handling is essential for reducing machine downtime and improved production.

Q: How long are the courses?
A: Courses vary in length, Our most popular course,  VAL3 level 1+ programming, last 4 and half days, Monday morning through Friday noon. This is typical of most courses. Please feel free to contact us to details on individual courses.