Robot training programs - Maximize your results

Stäubli robots are equipped with enormous possibilities, in terms of both movement performance and programming. However, knowing them in detail maximizes effectiveness. Training is not only a "plus": it is necessary for a profitable investment in your automated cell.

Customized training

The training courses offered by Stäubli cover all aspects of robot utilization: line control, programming, robot & peripheral maintenance and software. Our training centers are thus equipped with demonstration tools, faithfully reproducing real production conditions. Trainees can communicate their job specifics and their needs to maximize results from their training courses.

Who should be trained?

Many of our clients tend to train the maintenance technicians first, then line leaders and personnel who work with the robot on a daily basis. However, note that the best guarantee of a robot's longevity is knowing how to operate and program it properly. We also recommend that all persons involved in the design and programming of a robotized cell, as well as the most experienced robotic technicians, explore all the possibilities of our robots, their language and Stäubli software with us. It is equally important to train the end users as soon as their cells enter into production. With regards to maintenance personnel, our training ensures fast and effective interventions on the robotized cell. Finally, training also contributes to personnal safety, an essential topic of Stäubli training courses.


For more details, please contact our robotics team.