Stäubli KK company profile

As customer proximity is key to Stäubli, the importance of the Japanese market motivated the Group to establish itself in Osaka in 1983 when Stäubli KK was created.

Starting of with its Textile division, today all three Stäubli divisions are represented in Japan: Textile machinery, Connectors and Robotics.

Stäubli KK markets hightech precision electromechanic machines for the Textile industry. These include cam motions, electronic dobbies, electronic Jacquard machines and Jacquard harnesses. Furthermore the training center in Osaka provides machine operators with courses to help weaving mills to achieve performance during operation and maintenance. This is in line with Stäubli’s long term policy to supply high-performance products and excellent services in close proximity to the customer, giving Japanese weaving machine and equipment manufacturers access to efficient high-quality machines featuring the latest technology along with competent technical support.

The Connectors and Robotics divisions of Stäubli have experts and sales engineers present in Osaka and elsewhere in Japan. The Connectors product range is also represented by the Stäubli agent Solton based in Yokohama and covers quick connection systems for all types of fluids as well as electricity and data, tool-changers and magnetic clamping systems.

The Robotics product offerings include industrial robots, such as, 4-axis SCARA and 6-axis robots along with controllers and software. At both divisions local technical experts are available to supply customers with a broad range of solutions, spanning many decades of Stäubli’s expertise in industrial markets around the world.

ISO14001 certified

 Stäubli KK is ISO14001 certified since 2006.

An international group

Stäubli is a mechatronics solution provider with three dedicated divisions: textile machinery,
connectors and robotics. With a workforce of over 4000, the company generates a yearly turnover
surpassing 1 billion Swiss francs. Originally founded in 1892 as a small workshop in Horgen / Zurich,
Stäubli today is an international group with its head office in Pfäffikon, Switzerland.

Stäubli is active on all 5 continents

  • oversees 12 industrial production sites, including its group companies Multi-Contact and Schönherr
  • maintains a presence in 25 countries through its sales and customer service subsidiaries
  • has agents in 50 countries



Innovation is the driving force in the progress of Stäubli. In its constant search for excellence, the Group expands on expertise and experience in mechatronics by designing, producing, selling and providing support for products and systems in markets where high productivity levels are essential.


Customer focus

The position as a global innovator is asserted by:

  • offering customers the best products and services in terms of both quality and performance.
  • actively supporting any initiative aiming at further improving products and services.
  • maintaining synergy between the needs of customers, suppliers, shareholders, staff and the environment.